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About Us

Our GroupSIMCO Group Companies

GarmentSIMCO Garments

SIMCO Garments is our first export production company established in 1984.All kind of knitted garments was produced and exported to Canada, US, France and Australia.

FabricSIMCO Fabrics

SIMCO Fabrics is our knitting unit established in the year 1986. We produce knitted fabrics for our export orders and supply ready to cut fabrics to other companies.

TextilesSAMRAJ Textiles

SAMRAJ textiles is our garments production unit and home textiles formed in the year 2008. We have separate sampling unit to develop and produce prototype garments to create new design as per the buyer's demand.


SIMCO Intl is our European business Development company formed in the year 2016. To establish direct contact with the clothing buyers, to mitigate miscommunication, risk and believe in transparency.

TradeSimco Traders

Simco Traders is our eco-friendly product manufacturing and supply company established in the year 2013. We engage with rural development companies(Cottage industries) to obtain productivity and to increase the standard of living in the rural areas by women empowerment. SIMCO engages in full supply chain process from raw materials to end product. We are a single platform company that also allows access to our clients to the products and services of our sister concerns.

Core Values

Our production process are in-house and we take care from the knitting till the dispatch and final delivery. Garments production is our family business and we are now third generation.

Q-promise Production

Quality Promise – production house. We maintain our products and service in a best quality. We follow the labour and production law and quality control in all our sister concern.

Eco friendly

At each stage of our production process, we always keep in mind both the environment and human safety.Whether it's choosing a material or packaging for our products, we feel that all roads must support these goals.

Professional Approval

From the order confirmation, we follow and start the bulk production process after the approval from the buyer for the each process of the order. We do send test report to the buyer upon the request..


SIMCO is our credibility, all our supply chain process are under one name and one group. We ensure the trust and building relationship with our stakeholders, buyers and external source.

Our Unique Quality WHY SIMCO & 4c?

We have strong roots and background in the knitted garments production. We have different units to meet out the different quantity of production.We also work with no minimum order quantity to welcome new brands and fashion label in the market.

"4-C" CUSTOMER CREATION CLOTHING COLLECTION is our new scheme created in 2014, that enables the buyers of promotional wears, fashion designer to have their any kind of Digital designed product into physical product, No Minimum Order Quantity and free samples upon request.

4c is the Manufacturing partner for:CONCEPT STORE – FASHION DESIGNER – ONLINE WEBSHOP
Main Elements are:Quality Promise, Low Cost production,Productivity and Logistics support


We believe that human is the most precious resource, and that's why we always try to build a great working environment for our employees day by day.Each Simco's member, with his or her expertise in different fields, is always be heard and given the chance to contribute to the team, creating a high team spirit.