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Modern textile manufacturers employ progressively more sophisticated methods and use a variety of natural, man-made, and synthetic fibers. The quality and durability of fabrics are directly affected by the quality of fibers, correct choice of dyes and colorants, and the use of appropriate manufacturing processes.

We offer quality control and assurance services for every stage of your apparel supply chain – from source to shelf. AI has over 1,000 off-the-shelf customizable product-specific inspection checklists. Our expertise in softline testing will help your brand ensure the safety and quality of your apparel.

Core Values

Our production process are in-house and we take care from the knitting till the dispatch and final delivery. Garments production is our family business and we are now third generation.

Q-promise Production

Quality Promise – production house. We maintain our products and service in a best quality. We follow the labour and production law and quality control in all our sister concern.

Eco friendly

At each stage of our production process, we always keep in mind both the environment and human safety.Whether it's choosing a material or packaging for our products, we feel that all roads must support these goals.

Professional Approval

From the order confirmation, we follow and start the bulk production process after the approval from the buyer for the each process of the order. We do send test report to the buyer upon the request..


SIMCO is our credibility, all our supply chain process are under one name and one group. We ensure the trust and building relationship with our stakeholders, buyers and external source.